Elkington & Co Hercules electrotype

A small sculpture depicts Hercules, supporting upon his shoulders an orb decorated with zodiac-like mythical figures, known as the "Celestial Sky." Staff in hand, Hercules stands on a grotesquely-styled base coated with vegetation, undersea creatures and animals, both realistic and fanciful. The garland-draped base is supported by four putti. Silver plate on copper electrotype, measuring 17” high with 7” x 7” footprint, an applied seal underneath names silversmiths Elkington & Co, who in 1867, was commissioned by the Queen Victoria Department of Science & Art and the Victoria & Albert Museum to create replicas of European museum masterpieces. Based off a work in the permanent collection of Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum by Christophe Jamnitzer, a renown goldsmith, engraver and sculptor of late Renaissance/high Gothic style, Ca 1560. The crown of the orb is detachable, revealing the hollow

Celestial Cup. This utterly fascinating sculpture continues to reveal strange creatures and grimacing faces upon subsequent views. Excellent condition on this rare and possibly unique example of an electrotype made between 1867-1880, stock #13032360

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