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Wine & Cocktail Tools

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All the essentials for an elegant wine tasting and the tools of the trade.

Antique & Vintage Corkscrews

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Whether it's a straight pull, a sliding barrel, a rack and pinion, a peg and worm or a concertina — it's sure to be a show stopper.

Culinary & Tabletop Items

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Interesting cooking implements and items for the well-dressed table.


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News Features

Chelsea Flea Market: Vendor Spotlight

November 16, 2014

NEW YORK CITY, Thursday, September 19, 2014. An interesting interview with Andre Burgos on the Annex Markets' website. Read More

Antiques and The Arts Weekly

July 11, 2014

ANTIQUES SHOWS: Garage July 2014: Featured image of Andre's Tavern at the Antiques Garage Flea Market in Chelsea, New York City. Read More

The Antiques Garage: Vendor Spotlight

December 08, 2013

NEW YORK CITY, Thursday, December 5th, 2013. Andre Burgos is featured on the Hell's Kitchen Flea Markets' website this week!   Read More

One Kings Lane

June 07, 2013

Andre's Tavern is pleased to announce that it has opened a new online shop at One Kings Lane. Please visit to discover more unique items... Read More